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ColorSource DMX Relay

  • PowerCon connections and universal power support
  • Zero-cross relay minimizes inrush at turn-on to connected fixtures
  • Automated power sequencing
  • Automated system turn-off
  • Wireless DMX t...

£258.00 incl tax £246.99 incl tax

ColorSource Relay with Wireless Receiver

  • Receives wireless DMX signals and automatically enables power switching
  • Automated power sequencing, automated system turn-off
  • Wireless DMX transport
  • An ideal size for easy mounting to walls, ...

£432.00 incl tax £404.99 incl tax

ColorSource Wireless DMX Transmitter

  • A vital part of the ColorSource Relay family
  • Connects to hard-wired DMX
  • utomatically sends wireless DMX to any ColorSource Relay within 100m
  • Requires minimal set-up and ZERO programming
  • <...

£432.00 incl tax £404.99 incl tax

D2 SHoW DMX Neo Dimmer with MAX Technology 2Ch

  • RDM proxy and responder functions
  • Extremely low 7mS latency
  • Maximum Bandwidth Technology
  • Two dimmer output channels
  • Max total output per device 10A
  • Individual DMX addresses

£384.00 incl tax £340.99 incl tax

D3 Dimmer 3Ch Configuration 9-24v DMX/RDM 9-24vdc

  • NEMA 1 enclosure, Aluminum and Steel
  • Dimmer Personality
  • DMX Start Address
  • ISL, Linear, ND, or LED Dimmer
  • Individually controllable via DMX or RDM
  • 4 selectable output formats

£876.00 incl tax £760.99 incl tax

D4 HP Dimmer with Angled Control Surface 12v DMX512/ 0-10VDC

  • Four dimmer output channels
  • LED Smoothing Modes (Four Settings)
  • Individual DMX addresses
  • Individual bump buttons
  • NEMA 1 Aluminum enclosure
  • Fully RDM enabled

£792.00 incl tax £689.99 incl tax