Wireless DMX

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ColorSource DMX Relay

  • PowerCon connections and universal power support
  • Zero-cross relay minimizes inrush at turn-on to connected fixtures
  • Automated power sequencing
  • Automated system turn-off
  • Wireless DMX t...

£258.00 incl tax

ColorSource Relay with Wireless Receiver

  • Receives wireless DMX signals and automatically enables power switching
  • Automated power sequencing, automated system turn-off
  • Wireless DMX transport
  • An ideal size for easy mounting to walls, ...

£432.00 incl tax

ColorSource Wireless DMX Transmitter

  • A vital part of the ColorSource Relay family
  • Connects to hard-wired DMX
  • utomatically sends wireless DMX to any ColorSource Relay within 100m
  • Requires minimal set-up and ZERO programming
  • <...

£432.00 incl tax

D Fi HUB Wireless DMX Transmitter or Receiver Set

  • Compact, easy-to-use wireless D-Fi transmitter and receiver in a single unit
  • Wirelessly synchronize an unlimited number of D-Fi-ready fixtures and receivers simultaneously
  • Built-in options include ma...

£132.00 incl tax

D Fi USB Wireless Dongle PACK OF 4

  • Works seamlessly with CHAUVET DJ's range of USB compatible fixtures
  • Eliminates the need for any cables
  • Wirelessly connect all of your USB compatible fixtures
  • Directly powered directly from th...

£162.00 incl tax

D Fi USB Wireless Dongle Single

  • A world's first cableless cable?
  • A finger-sized wireless D-Fi transceiver that provides instant wireless communication
  • Gives you the ability to connect all of your DMX fixtures, without the need for ...

£42.00 incl tax