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C01U Large Diaphragm USB Studio Vocal/Instrum Recording Mic

  • Large, 19mm diaphragm studio condenser microphone
  • Plug in and start recording.

£96.00 incl tax £59.99 incl tax

Go Mic Direct USB Plug-in Condenser Computer Mic with Case

  • Portable USB condenser microphone
  • Ideal for Skype, FaceTime and voice recognition software
  • Great for mobile podcasting, audio for YouTube, recording music and more
  • Mac OS X and Windows compat...

£50.40 incl tax £31.99 incl tax

Go Mic USB Condenser Clip-on Laptop or Free Standing Mic

  • Camera Mountable, perfect for portable use
  • Mac and PC compatible, no drivers required
  • Custom, compact design that clips to a laptop or sits on a desk
  • Perfect for recording music, podcasting a...

£60.00 incl tax £40.99 incl tax

G-Track USB Supercard Condenser with Built in Mixer + SW

  • First USB condenser microphone with a built-in audio interface and mixer
  • G-Track allows for simultaneous stereo input and gain control of vocals and guitar
  • Computer monitoring through an on board hea...

£144.00 incl tax £88.99 incl tax

Meteorite USB Cardioid Condenser Desktop/Home Studio Mic

  • 14mm diaphragm USB condenser microphone
  • Perfect for high-quality recording in desktop and home studio environments
  • Ultra-clear voice capture for Skype, FaceTime and voice recognition software applica...

£54.00 incl tax £40.99 incl tax

PG27USB Multi-Purpose Studio Condenser USB Version

  • Large diaphragm capsule provides wider dynamic range
  • Flat, neutral frequency response for natural reproduction of sound sources
  • High SPL handling of acoustic, amplified and vocal sound sources
£189.00 incl tax £153.99 incl tax