Speaker Switchers

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Big Knob Tabletop Studio Monitor/Source/Talkback Command Sys

  • A simple monitor switching and level control box
  • Comes with built-in Talkback functions
  • Sits right on your desktop, letting you easily switch between sets
  • Send musicians custom headphone mixe...

£320.58 incl tax £286.99 incl tax

C-control Room/Studio Matrix Monitor Router/Talkback 1/2 1U

  • Provides a control room matrix previously available only on consoles costing thousands
  • A unique solution for studios with multiple monitors
  • Provides easy, heretofore impossible to achieve, instant mo...

£144.00 incl tax £86.99 incl tax

ZONED Out 6-Zone 100V Constant-V Output Switcher

  • 6 zone output zone switching in your installation
  • Wire the Zoned out to the constant voltage output
  • For use on your AMC+ or AMIS amp
  • Ability to switch up to 6 speaker zones on or off
  • ...

£47.54 incl tax £43.99 incl tax