Sound Projectors

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ENMP5T20 5 Sound Projector EN 54 24 20W 100V White

  • Compact sound projector made of powder coated aluminium
  • Full range driver and a multi tap 100 volt transformer
  • Fully certified according EN 54-24
  • Ceramic speaker block, junction box & thermal...

£177.60 incl tax

ENMPBD5T10 2X5 Bi Directional Sound Projector 10W 100V Wht

  • Compact sound projector made of powder coated aluminium
  • 2 full range 5.

£170.40 incl tax

MP16G 5 5 Compact Sound Projector 16W 100V Grey

  • 100 volt compact sound projector that produces a natural sound
  • Ideal for busy streets, parking lots, loading docks & warehouses
  • Coated aluminium grille and bracket won't rust in harsh weather
£62.40 incl tax

MP26G 6 5 Sound Projector 26W 100V Grey

  • Powerful sound projector equipped with a 26 watts transformer
  • Designed for high quality music and speech reproduction
  • Ideal for shopping streets, parking lots, or warehouses
  • Aluminium & stain...

£80.40 incl tax

MPBD20G Bi Directional 2x5 ABS Sound Proj 20W 100V Grey

  • Bi-directional 100 volt sound projector with a unique design
  • Two 5.

£111.60 incl tax

MPH31G Horn Loaded Sound Projector 30W 100V Grey

  • Sound projector suited for low impedance and 100 volt systems
  • Noisy areas where you need the sound to be more direct
  • Ideal solution for production halls & warehouses
  • Operates in 30, 15, 7.

£87.60 incl tax