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CX2 Colour Changer 15-Col/10-Gobo/Strobe 250W

  • 250W halogen lamp
  • 15 colours
  • 10 gobos
  • 5 beam angles
  • Frost effect
  • DMX or stand-alone mode

Full Description

CX2 Colour Changer 15-Co...

£454.80 incl tax £149.99 incl tax

Helicopter Q6 Multi Effect RGBW Light with Red/Green Lasers

  • A multi-effect with adjustable RGBW beams, SMD strobe and lasers
  • Narrow, razor-sharp beams of RGBW light for astonishing aerial effects
  • Continuous pan rotation that creates unique and amazing effects...

£274.80 incl tax £207.99 incl tax

Hemisphere 5.1 LED DMX Centrepiece with 3x5W LEDs

  • Dazzling multi coloured centerpiece effect similar to a mirror ball
  • Built in automated programs via master slave or DMX
  • Motors spins in both directions and at variable speeds
  • Sound activated ...

£198.00 incl tax £153.99 incl tax

Mini TRI Ball II Rotating Ball Effect with 56 RGB Beams

  • Easy-to-use mini rotating ball
  • 56 sound activated beams that change color and strobe to the sound of music
  • 2 x 3-watt 3-in-1 RGB "TRI Color" LEDs produces a variety of color effects
  • 3-positio...

£51.60 incl tax £47.99 incl tax

Mirrorball 1m with Solid Plastic Core and Safety Chain

  • 1 Metre (40 inch) glass mirror ball
  • Solid plastic core
  • Safety chain
  • Offers a massive spread of light reflections
  • Perfect for large events
  • Gives classic mirror ball effect
  • ...

£682.80 incl tax £522.99 incl tax

Mirrorball 20cm with Solid Plastic Core and Safety Chain

  • M-800 Mirrorball
  • Solid plastic core
  • 100s of reflective mini panels
  • Shine different coloured lights towards the M-800 to produce a spectacular mix of coloured spots
  • Perfect for clubs, ...

£11.58 incl tax