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DJ S Stylus Blue (Replacement Stylus for DJ S Carts)

  • New blue nylon material
  • Fine spherical stylus
  • Very low record wear
  • Accurate sound reproduction
  • Output voltage at 1000Hz, 5cm/sec.

£48.00 incl tax

N25CQ Spare Needle (Stylus for M25C Mix/Spin Cartridge)

  • Replacement needle for Shure M25C phonograph cartridge

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N25CQ Spare Needle (Stylus for M25C Mix/Spin Cartridge)

Shure N25CQ Spare Needle


£18.00 incl tax £16.99 incl tax

N44-7Z Atrylogy Replacement Stylus for Shure M44-7 Cartridge

  • Replacement for the Discontinued Shure N44-7 Stylus
  • To fit Shure M44-7 Disconrinued Cartridge
  • Not a Shure manufactured product

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N44-7Z Spa...

£19.94 incl tax

Nightclub S Stylus (Replacement Stylus for N/Club S Carts)

  • Replacement Stylus
  • Spherical
  • 20 - 22kHz
  • Fits Concorde Nightclub S or OM Nightclub S Cartridge

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Nightclub S Stylus (Replacement Sty...

£60.00 incl tax £31.99 incl tax

PRO S Stylus Black (Replacement Stylus for PRO S Carts)

  • Perfect for newcomers on the DJ scene
  • Consistent performer and a fine all-arounder
  • Spherical diamond stylus
  • Minimizes scratching
  • Remarkable versatility for virtually any setting
  • <...

£30.00 incl tax

Scratch Stylus (PINK) (Replacement Stylus for Scratch Carts)

  • For DJs that require increased tracking ability
  • Solid bass reproduction and extended highs
  • Spherical stylus
  • Long stylus life when working with higher tracking forces
  • Output voltage at...

£48.00 incl tax £45.99 incl tax