Rack Mount Kits for Mixer Amplifiers

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IC30RMK Rack Mount Kit for the IC30 Amplifier

  • IC30RMK
  • Australian Monitor
  • Rack Mount Kit
  • Suitable for the IC30 Amplifier
  • Dark Grey
  • Holes for Rack Mounting pre-drilled

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£16.64 incl tax

REL 19 Rackmount Kit for a Single MA60 MA60 MEDIA Amp

  • Optional 19" Rackmount kit for fitting 1x MA60 or MA60Media Mixer Amplifiers
  • Designed to fit standard 19" rack space
  • 2 rack units high
  • Metal construction with high quality finish to match MA6...

£52.81 incl tax

RES 19 Rackmount Kit for a Two MA60 MA60 MEDIA Amps

  • Optional 19" Rackmount kit for 2 x MA60 or MA60Media Mixer Amplifiers
  • Rack mounts two amplifiers side by side
  • The two amplifiers are designed to bolt together in the centre
  • 2 rack units high<...

£52.81 incl tax

RK512 Rack Kit for EMX212S EMX312SC EMX512SC

  • 2 Ears which go around and under the mixer-amp making it sturdy and secure
  • Provides optimum integration with the mixer and works with most systems and installations

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£62.40 incl tax

RKH1 Rackmount Adapter for MA2030 PA2030 Amps

  • RKH1 Rackmount Adapter
  • A rack mount for the MA2030 and PA2030
  • Organise your mixer amplifiers how you want them
  • Make the most of your space
  • A smooth black colour that matches your MA20...

£57.60 incl tax