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AC23S Active Crossover Stereo 2 or 3 Way Mono 4 or 5 Way

  • Adjustable Driver Alignment Delays
  • Low & Mid Output Muting
  • Infrasonic, Ultrasonic and RFI Filters
  • Mono Sub Output Option
  • Input & Output Level Controls
  • Internal Universal Power...

£269.99 incl tax

AD22S 2 Channel Dolby Time Link Delay 1U

  • Distance mode
  • Video mode
  • Speaker array synchronization
  • Range of 2.00 to 999.

£550.00 incl tax

AM2 Gain Sharing Auto Mic Mixer 8 Mic Line Inputs 1U

  • Gain-Sharing Automatic Mic Mixing
  • Eight XLR Inputs with Level controls & Sig/OL indicators
  • Each can be Mic, Mic with 48V phantom, or Line-level
  • Add up to 64 more gain-sharing inputs by cascad...

£700.00 incl tax

BB22 2Ch Desktop Balance Buddy 1 Signal Pair

  • Convert unbalanced to balanced
  • Isolate lines to stop ground loops
  • Enables the use of long balanced cables for a hum-free signal
  • 2 channels of -10 dBV (RCA) to +4 dBu (XLR) conversion
  • ...

£100.00 incl tax

DA216S 16 Zone Output Mic Line Distribution Mixer 1U

  • Two-input, sixteen-output splitter/distribution amplifier
  • Capable of providing sixteen discrete balanced outputs
  • From one or two balanced mic-level or line-level inputs
  • Individually adjustabl...

£370.00 incl tax

DR6 Touchscreen Remote for HAL with 7 Display

  • Fully customizable touchscreen remote
  • Supports multiple pages or tabs and any set of levels, toggles, selectors and/or commands
  • Drag, drop and resize controls any way that's desired
  • Use custo...

£229.99 incl tax