Pyro Control Hardware

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18 Volt Power Supply Unit for 2 and 6 Way Systems

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£32.40 incl tax

6/24 Pyroflash Unit 6Ch Detonator Controller EXC Flashpods

  • A Pyroflash Unit 6 Channel Detonator Controller
  • Intelligent monitoring
  • Has 6 Channels
  • Capable of firing up to 10 effects, wired in series over a maximum distance of 50 metres
  • Up to 24...

£630.00 incl tax £410.99 incl tax

Bulgin 3-Pin Chassis Socket for Pyro Systems

  • ddd
  • ddd
  • dd

£7.44 incl tax

Bulgin 3-Pin Plug Cable Plug for Pyro System Cables

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£9.84 incl tax

Fixing Clamp (for Projection Cartridges)

  • Le Maitre fixing clamp
  • For use with the Variable Angle Pod
  • Holds all of the new sized cartridges
  • Prevents cartridges from falling or flying out of the pod

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£7.20 incl tax

Flashpod for all Firing Systems (Standard)

  • LeMaitre Flashpod
  • For use with all Le Maitre firing systems
  • Use with standard Pyroflash cartridge effects

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For use with all Le Ma...

£76.80 incl tax £71.99 incl tax