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DC2 DC Adaptor G2 Pocket Transmitters Receivers

  • Sennheiser DC2 DC Adaptor

Full Description

DC2 DC Adaptor G2 Pocket Transmitters & Receivers

Power adapter for external powering (12V)


£79.20 incl tax

NT1 1 UK G3 PSU for ASA1 Antenna Distr Unit L2015 Charger

  • NT1-1-UK G3 PSU
  • Plug-in mains unit
  • Compatible with the ASA1 Antenna Splitter
  • Suitable for L2015 Charger
  • Features UK mains adapter
  • Weighs 300g

Full Description<...

£99.60 incl tax

NT12 5 CW Mains Power Supply for XSW and EW G4 100 Series

  • Power supply for XSW series and ew G4 100 series
  • Includes all adaptors (EU, US, UK, Korea, Australia, China)

Full Description

NT 12-5-CW Power Supply


£18.00 incl tax

NT2 2 Spare PSU for Freeport FP12 FP35 FP72 Receivers

  • Sennheiser NT2-2 Power Supply
  • 12V
  • 250mA power supply
  • EU standard
  • For the Sennheiser Freeport series
  • Newer version available: NT2-3

Full Description


£17.40 incl tax

NT2 3 UK Mains Power Supply for G1 G2 G3 G4 XSW Receivers

  • Mains adapter for receivers and transmitters
  • Compatible with all Evolution Wireless G3 Systems
  • UK plug

Full Description

NT2-3-UK Mains Power Supply for G1...

£20.40 incl tax

NT3 1 UK G3 PSU for 3xL2015 Charger AC2 AC3 ASA1 Ant Distr

  • Plug in mains PSU
  • UK plug
  • Compatible with ASA1, AC3 and L2015

Full Description

NT3-1-UK G3 PSU 

Plug-in mains unit with country-specific adap...

£130.80 incl tax