Portable Conferencing

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CS5BU 64-Channel Conference System Base Unit 1U

  • All-in-one digital controller for systems of any size and complexity
  • Infrared signal modulator for wireless language distribution
  • Failsafe power supply concept
  • Stand-alone or computer-control...

£4,524.00 incl tax £3,084.99 incl tax

CS5CU50 Conference System Charging Flightcase for 50xIRR7

  • Sturdy flight-case housing for up to 50 CS5 IRR7 receivers
  • Intelligent charging circuitry for quick charging of recievers
  • Trickle charging mode keeps the battery ready
  • The LED on each receive...

£3,780.00 incl tax £2,579.99 incl tax

CS5DU Conference System Basic Microphone Station

  • Delegate station with PTT button intuitive and easy to use
  • Aye/no poll function for basic voting applications
  • 3+1 selectable languages for basic multilingual applications
  • Standard RG45 connec...

£672.00 incl tax £478.99 incl tax

CS5IRR7 Conference System Infrared Receiver

  • PPM modulation prevents fluorescent-light interference
  • Supports up to seven different languages for one event
  • 12 hours operation with a single battery (9V)
  • Integrated charging contacts for qu...

£450.00 incl tax £324.99 incl tax

CS5IU Conference System Interpretor Station

  • Interpreter station with LCD display Intuitive, easy-to-use controls
  • Meets international interpretation equipment standards
  • 63 selectable languages for multilingual applications
  • Inputs for he...

£2,118.00 incl tax £1,450.99 incl tax

CS5VU Conference System Advanced Microphone Station

  • Delegate/president station with display & two operating modes
  • 5 voting buttons for voting and multiple-choice applications
  • 63 selectable languages independently selectable for two users
  • Optio...

£954.00 incl tax £674.99 incl tax