Phantom Power Units

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APS2 2 Channel 48VDC Phantom Power Supply 110 220V

  • Two channel phantom power supply
  • 110v switchable to 220
  • Detachable power cord

Full Description

APS2 2-Channel 48VDC Phantom Power Supply 110/220V


£100.00 incl tax

APS910 Phantom PSU for Hanging Lavalier Boundary PlateMics

  • Gold-plated XLR connectors
  • Low noise circuitry, low distortion
  • Operates on 9-52 V phantom
  • Immune to RF
  • Able to drive long balanced cable runs
  • 1-year warranty


£30.00 incl tax

APS911 Phantom PSU 9 52V with AA Battery Backup

  • AA battery, phantom power adapter
  • on - off switch
  • Bass roll off
  • For adx40, adx60, microd, ht2 and ht5

Full Description

APS911 Phantom PSU 9-52V wi...

£45.00 incl tax

MX1BP Microflex Battery Phantom Beltpack Type Pre Amp

  • 4-pin mini connector allows use with a variety of condenser mics
  • Power LED Indicator indicates power status to the preamplifier
  • Mute/On switch attenuates microphone without turning off preamplifier

£157.50 incl tax

MZA900P Intelligent In Line Phantom Power Apdaptor

  • Robust metal chassis
  • Switchable gain (0/-12dB)
  • Switchable roll-off filter (125 Hz (-3 dB), 12 dB/oct)
  • Two-colour control LED (phantom power, audio peak)
  • Input 3,5mm stereo jack socket...

£202.80 incl tax

Stagebug SB48 Phantom Power Supply 48V for 2 Mics Di Boxes

  • Stagebug SB48
  • Provide phantom power for condenser mic's
  • 48V or 12V power for speciality microphones
  • Dual XLR inputs and outputs
  • Powered via external 15V power supply
  • Allows yo...

£132.60 incl tax