Music Production

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TORAIZ AS 1 495 Preset Monophonic Analog Synthesizer

  • Ooptimized to compliment Pioneer DJ's Toraiz SP16 sampler/sequencer
  • True analogue sound from Dave Smith Instruments' Prophet-6
  • Full programmability...

£479.00 incl tax

TORAIZ SP 16 6 Analogue Filters Music Production Sampler

  • Access to all you need with a 7-inch, full-colour touch screen
  • Browse, select and colour-code samples intuitively
  • Manipulate parameters with rotary dials just below the screen
  • Features a 6-st...

£1,389.00 incl tax

TORAIZ SQUID Multitrack Sequencer

  • The heartbeat of your set up
  • Create unique sequence patterns and phrases at the touch of a button
  • Connect, sync and simultaneously control up to 16 instruments
  • Effortless navigation of layout...

£519.00 incl tax