Mobile Recording Mics

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ClipMic Digital ME2 iOS Recorder Mic with Lightning Connect

  • Delivers professional-level recordings when on the go
  • Easy to record interviews, presentations or performances
  • Enhances the sound quality by direct source pick-up
  • Features a Lighting connecto...

£202.80 incl tax

Memory Mic Omni Clip on Mic Recorder Up to 4 Hours Audio

  • Sennheiser Memory Mic
  • Capture amazing sound in broadcast quality
  • No drop outs - the Memory Mic continues to record at any distance
  • Records up to 4 hours of audio
  • Audio automatically s...

£202.80 incl tax

MKE2 DIGITAL Mobile iOS Recorder Mic with Lightning Connect

  • Professional solution for mobile recording of videos or interviews
  • Helps you to capture sound professionally
  • Gives users optimum sound quality for their recordings
  • Especially designed for iOS...

£502.80 incl tax