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EPIX Drive 900 Power Data Supply for EPIX Tour

  • Chauvet PRO Epix Drive 900
  • Power and Data provider forany combination of Epix Tour
  • Versatile control options support various applications
  • Easily configure the Epix Drive 900 using the built-i...

£660.00 incl tax

EPIX Flex Boost 24V Voltage Doubler for EPIX Flex Drive

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ÉPIX Flex Boost

ÉPIX Flex Boost is a 24V in-line voltage booster that doubles the capacity of each output on the ÉPIX Flex Drive and the quantity of ÉPIX Flex 20 it controls.

£288.00 incl tax

EPIX Flex Drive Control up to 4x EPIX Flex 20 920 LEDs ea

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ÉPIX Flex Drive

ÉPIX Flex Drive controls the ÉPIX Flex 20 with 2 plug and play outputs that drive up to 4 ÉPIX Flex 20 at 960 LEDs each.

£810.00 incl tax

ILD Installation 6 Output LED Compact Driver PSU IP65

  • Shares the majority of the features of the TLD-612A
  • Smaller and more compact power supply
  • Suitable for permanent installations
  • Daisy-chainable Ethernet for Artnet input
  • The ILD is als...

£1,086.00 incl tax

MCTRL300 Deputy LED Controller for Video Panels

  • Controller for ADJ's AV6 LED video panels
  • DVI signal source input
  • RJ45 pixel-data outputs
  • Refresh Rate: 1200Hz
  • Synchronous Display with Control PC by DVI
  • Refresh Rate: 1200Hz<...

£514.80 incl tax

TLD612 Touring 6 Output LED Driver PSU IP65

  • Specifically designed for controlling LB100 LED Balls
  • Can also use for the LT100/LT200 Graphic Tubes
  • The Drivers six outputs can control up to 6 x 8-metre lengths of LED strings
  • Maximum total...

£876.00 incl tax