Infra-Red Receivers

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EKI830 IR Bodypack Receiver with BA 300 Battery

  • Receiver can be connected to hearing aids
  • Receiver is also ideal for use with headphones
  • Outstanding stereo sound
  • Firmware settings optimized for IS application (channel saving/less warning b...

£202.80 incl tax

EZI120 T Set Induction Coupler Reqs HZL30 or HZL32 6

  • Assistive listening induction coupler for inductive audio transmission
  • To be used with a hearing aid with a "T" switch
  • Requires an optional HZL 36-6E/-600E (binaural) or an HZL 34-6E/-600E (monaural)...

£47.99 incl tax

EZT3011 Neck Induction Loop for RI830S Receiver 3 5mm

  • Induction neck loop for use with the RR 840 S and RI 830 S receivers
  • It transmits the audio signal from the receiver to hearing aids with induction coils

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£71.99 incl tax

HDI830 Stereo Mono Stethoset Receiver 12hr Battery Life

  • Infrared wideband stethoset receiver
  • Ideal for stereo and two-channel applications (2.3 / 2.

£202.80 incl tax

LA401 Universal Over Ear fit Ear Speaker

  • Provides high quality audio and the freedom of movement without cable snags
  • Universally styled to easily fit comfortably over the right or left ear
  • Open design allows the user to hear direct sounds

£15.58 incl tax

LA402 Focused Audio Universal Stereo Headphones

  • Provide excellent sound quality with a comfortable fit
  • Dual headphones reduce external sounds
  • Use with integrated neck loop/lanyard or 3.

£22.07 incl tax