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L300 10 10 Charging up to 10x830 Type Rec c w NT6 PSU

  • Charger with power supply for ten BA 300 and ten HDI 830, RI 830, RI 830-S, and RI 900 receivers

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£430.80 incl tax £357.99 incl tax

L300 Mounting Kit for Mounting on Horitontal Surface

  • 2 mounting plates with 4 Philips screws (plastic) for fixing the L300 10-10 charger on a horizontal surface

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2 mounting plates with 4 Philips scr...

£28.55 incl tax

LA380 Intelligent 12 Unit Charging Case for LR4200 LR5200

  • Transport, drop-in charging, storage and dispensing case
  • Streamlined dispensing, collecting and care of up to (12) iDSP listening devices
  • Sturdy case with hard foam interior and durable latches
  • <...

£480.00 incl tax £417.99 incl tax

LA381 Intelligent 12 Unit Charging Tray for LR4200 LR5200

  • Drop-in charging/dispensing station for up to (12) iDSP assistive listening devices
  • Can be mounted several ways; wall, drawer, rack, table top
  • Optional cable management system to keep the dispensing ...

£307.20 incl tax £271.99 incl tax

LA423 Compact 4 Port USB Charger for LR4200 LR5200

  • Four port charging hub
  • Compact design make it easy for charging and storage
  • Compatible with Listen iDSP receivers

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LA423 Compact 4-Port US...

£33.60 incl tax