Heavy Fog Fluids

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Heavy Fog Fluid B2 Mix 4x5 Litre

  • Heavy fog fluid (B2 mix)
  • Produces a dense ground-hugging effect
  • Will disperse and evaporate before any visible rising
  • Ideally suited for dramatic scenes
  • Suitable for a lot of sta...

£186.48 incl tax £149.99 incl tax

Heavy Fog Fluid C3 Mix 4x5 Litre

  • Water-based fluid formula
  • Produced with ultra-pure, de-ionized water
  • High-density, low-lying, ultra-white fog
  • Available in various size containers
  • Actors' Equity/Broadway League appro...

£200.42 incl tax £169.99 incl tax

LLF Low Level Fog Fluid for Cloud 9 and Cumulus 5 Litres

No description available


£24.00 incl tax

Low Smoke Fluid (For LSG Machine etc.) / Single 5 Litre

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Full Description


This is a very special fluid that is used in a smoke machine in conjunction with the Freezefog Pro.

£70.80 incl tax £66.99 incl tax