Haze Machine Remotes

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Entour VT1 Controller Cabled Remote for Entour Cyclone/ Snow

  • VT-1 Controller
  • Perfect for Entour Cyclone and Entour Snow
  • Control FAN output volume

Full Description

Entour VT1 Controller Cabled Remote for Entour C...

£20.40 incl tax

Neutron XS DMX Remote Control Unit

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Full Description


DMX remote control to operate our G150 and Neutron XS.

£210.00 incl tax £180.99 incl tax

Optional Auto-Timer Remote Control for Magnum 2500 Hz Hazer

  • Optional auto-timer remote control for the Magnum 2500Hz Hazer
  • Provides Automatic Continuous run mode
  • Automatic haze bursts using a repeating timer
  • You can trigger a timed burst of haze using...

£136.56 incl tax £120.99 incl tax

Remote Control for Ready 365 Machines

  • JEM Remote Control
  • For Hazer Pro & Ready 365 Machines
  • 4 digit display
  • 5 buttons use
  • Newer style remote
  • Displays features on a remote rather than the back panel
£221.98 incl tax £178.99 incl tax