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DS1800G Pure Diode Green 1600mW ILDA/DMX/Master-Slave Laser

  • Compact and lightweight Green light laser system
  • Features Diode-Only laser sources for clear beams and colours
  • Built-in memory with preset patterns for DMX triggering
  • ILDA control compatible<...

£2,101.20 incl tax £1,241.99 incl tax

DS2000G Green Pure Diode Laser Analogue DMX ILDA SFS

  • Part of the brand new Laserworld Diode Series
  • Comes with a Diode only laser source
  • Has a great beam specification
  • Created for both beginners and professionals
  • Projector is built with ...

£2,576.40 incl tax £1,492.99 incl tax

PIKO G20 OPSL Green 17500nW Compact Laser

  • Remotely controlled from smartphones, tablets, computers or remote controls and desks
  • Garunteed output power of 17,500 mW
  • Very powerful green laser
  • Maximum scan angle of 54 degrees at 30 kpps...

£34,848.00 incl tax £29,144.99 incl tax

PL6000G 6000nW Single Green Show Laser with ILDA

  • Can be controlled over ILDA and is graphics capable
  • A low-cost yet powerful solution for power demanding laser applications
  • Great for large nightclubs, big stages, concerts or festivals
  • Brigh...

£4,752.00 incl tax £3,984.99 incl tax

TARM G10 OPSL 9000nW Green Show Laser ILDA

  • Pure green OPSL
  • Main board control via browser interface
  • No physically access to the laser projector needed
  • Fast scanners
  • Wide scan angle
  • Low beam divergence


£15,628.80 incl tax £13,077.99 incl tax

TARM G5 HD 4500nW Green Show Laser with TEM00

  • Fulfills highest requirements in terms of brightness, beam divergence and accuracy
  • Equipped with a Coherent OPSL HD laser module with TEM00 beam profile
  • Extremely low beam divergence
  • Excellen...

£16,579.20 incl tax £13,872.99 incl tax