General Purpose Condenser Mics

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AT8033 Cardioid Multi Purpose Condenser Microphone

  • All-purpose condenser microphone ideal for handheld interviews and general audio acquisition
  • Outstanding linearity both on- and off-axis
  • Features high SPL capability and wide frequency response
  • <...

£190.00 incl tax

C1000S MkIV Recording Live Multi Pattern Condenser Mic

  • Gold sputtered microphone capsule and XLR pins
  • High immunity against humidity
  • Powered by internal AA batteries or by phantom power
  • For use with any equipment and every application
  • For...

£115.00 incl tax

C3000 Cardioid High Performance Multi Purpose Condenser Mic

  • Perfect for live applications and studio recording
  • High dynamic range and SPL up to 150dB
  • Switchable low-cut filter eliminates proximity effect
  • Affordable gold-sputtered one-inch capsule<...

£175.00 incl tax

C391B Blue Line Condenser Mic with CK91 Cardioid Capsule

  • C391B Blue-Line Condenser Mic
  • Switchable bass cut filter and 10-dB preattenuation pad
  • Insensitive to handling noise
  • High resistance to RF interference
  • Capsules mount directly on SE 30...

£426.00 incl tax

C451B Cardioid Condenser Overhead Instrument Mic

  • C451B Cardioid Condenser
  • Identical acoustics to legendary CK 1
  • Precise, nearly frequency independent cardioid
  • Extremely accurate signal transfer and ruler-flat on-axis frequency response
  • ...

£249.00 incl tax

C480B CB61 Modular Mic Inc CK61 Cardioid Capsule

  • Ultra low-noise C 480 B preamp
  • CK 61-ULS cardioid capsule
  • Extremely flat on-axis frequency response
  • High SPL capability
  • Sophisticated microphone pre-amp design
  • Specially desig...

£978.00 incl tax