Digital Zoner Mixers

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DCM1 Digital 8-Zone Mixer with 8-Line & 4-Mic Inputs 2U

  • 8 Stereo Line Inputs (1 Balanced)
  • 8 Balanced Line Outputs (2 Stereo + 6 Mono)
  • 4 Dedicated Ports for Optional Line Inputs (LE-1) & 4 for Optional Mic Inputs (ME-1)
  • EQ can be set by Remote Cont...

£1,230.40 incl tax £952.99 incl tax

DCM1e Digital 8-Zone Mixer with Ethernet Port/Web Control 2U

  • New from Cloud - Available to buy now!
  • Ethernet version of the popular DCM1 Digital Control Zone Mixer
  • Can be connected via an to an independent or existing wireless router
  • Can be configu...

£1,555.90 incl tax £1,200.99 incl tax

ZONE4 4-Zone Stereo Mixer 1-Mic/Line 4-Line i/p 1U

  • Pre-amplifier allows control of four stereo zones with one unit
  • Play any one of four sources in any of the four available zones
  • MIC-MIX level control and bass-treble control per zone
  • Assign u...

£828.00 incl tax £601.99 incl tax