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ANI-Motion Mini Green and Red Party / Dance Laser

  • Unique mini laser that projects red and green geometric patterns
  • 36 dynamic patterns and 22 static effects
  • Compact case design
  • Sound Active
  • Fan cooled
  • Dual bracket yoke allows...

£126.00 incl tax £111.99 incl tax

EL100RG MICRO IR Red & Green Cluster Laser+Infra Red Remote

  • EL-100RG Micro IR is a star effect laser with a total output power of up to 100mW
  • Option to control the device remote with a handy remote control unit
  • Used for smaller rooms and locations as well as ...

£62.40 incl tax £38.99 incl tax

EL120R Compact Red Show & Party Laser

  • A very affordable solution for first-time users
  • Often used in bars, small clubs, at private parties or home use
  • Approx.

£102.00 incl tax £75.99 incl tax

EL200RGB Red Green Blue Triple Aperture Laser with DMX

  • About 50 preset basic patterns, like layers, tunnels, fences, waves etc
  • A sound-to-light mode as well as a stand-alone mode are available to
  • Triple laser aperture provides extra intense red, green an...

£304.80 incl tax £197.99 incl tax

EL230RGB Red Green Laser Effect with 4 Beam Apertures

  • An RGB colour laser system
  • The laser modules ensure beautiful colours and brightness
  • Approximately 50 preset basic patterns
  • A good solution for first-time users
  • Beam diameter of 4mm a...

£156.00 incl tax £108.99 incl tax

EL400RGB QS Multi Colour Laser with Ultra Bright Royal Blue

  • RGB show laser system with a total output power of up to 400mW
  • Fast step motor with 3-8 kpps
  • Beams have a diameter of about 3 mm and a beam divergence of about 2 mrad
  • About 50 preset basic pa...

£259.20 incl tax £165.99 incl tax