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EX DEMO Hurricane 1800 Flex Vari Angle DMX Smoke Machine

  • Compact, water-based fog machine offers a manually adjustable output angle of 180°
  • Advanced fluid sensor with automatic shut-off protects the pump from overheating
  • Features a ...

£342.00 incl tax

EX DEMO SlimPAR PRO W USB PAR Can with Warm Cool White

  • A low-profile, variable white LED washlight
  • Featuring cool white, warm white, and amber LEDs
  • Designed for any application in need of adjustable colour temperatures featuring tri-colour
£322.80 incl tax

EX DEMO Geyser T6Compact Verticle Fogger 6xTriColourLEDs

  • EX DEMO Geyser T6
  • Pyrotechnic-like effect without the use of any toxic chemicals
  • Multiple control options include wireless remote, timer remote or push button on rear
  • Advanced fluid senso...

£214.80 incl tax

4Bar LTBT Complete Wash Tripod 4x3 RGB LEDs Footswitch

  • Complete wash lighting solution with built-in Bluetooth®
  • Control directly from a smart phone or tablet
  • Generate a broad spectrum of colours and achieve natural-looking colours
  • Easily ...

£298.80 incl tax

4Bar LTUSB 4 Adjustable Round Pods with Tripod Footswitch

  • Enhanced version of the Mini 4BAR 2.

£298.80 incl tax

B250 Bubble Machine Lightweight All Plastic Construction

  • Plastic construction prevents rust
  • Manual bubble button
  • Easily removable fluid tank
  • This unit is a mobile DJ's workhorse
  • For best results, use Chauvet bubble fluid
  • Designed fo...

£82.80 incl tax