Auto Mic/Line Mixers

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ATDM0604 SmartMixer 4-Mic/2-Line CAT5/USB AEC Half-Rack 1U

  • 4 balanced mic inputs, 2 balanced Mic/Line inputs and 1 stereo unbalanced input
  • 1 stereo and 2 mono outputs
  • Full digital processing on inputs and outputs
  • 8 x 3 audio routing matrix
  • 6-...

£958.80 incl tax £780.99 incl tax

ATMX341B SmartMixer 4-Mic/Line 12V Phantom Half-Rack 1U

  • Four Mic/Line inputs
  • Single threshold setting for all channels
  • Individual gain controls for each channel
  • Switchable manual mode overrides automatic functions
  • Master output level contr...

£737.00 incl tax £602.99 incl tax

autoTWO 8-In/2-Out Automatic Mic/Line Mixer 1U

  • Affordable, extremely versatile, and easy to use
  • NOM attenuation, adaptive threshold sensing, speech-frequency filtering, manual priority override, selectable channel-off attenuation, and selectable last mic...

£1,330.60 incl tax £1,007.99 incl tax