Active DI Boxes

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AR133 Active DI Box Battery or Phantom Powered

  • Active DI Box
  • Includes phantom power and battery supplies as standard
  • Input connectors are both 1/4" jack sockets and an XLR socket
  • Output Ground Lift Switch
  • Rugged aluminium extrusio...

£180.00 incl tax

DB12 Active DI Box 18 48V Phantom Powered

  • Stackable Chassis with Durable Rubber Foot
  • Gold-plated Neutrik XLR Connector
  • Premium Chrome Toggle Switches
  • Hi-Z 1/4'' Input Jack
  • Premium Shielded Custom dbx Transformer
  • Balan...

£120.00 incl tax

Di1 Active DI Box Battery or 18 48V Phantom Powered

  • The Di1 Active Direct Box
  • A compact high-quality active direct injection box
  • Ideal for both studios and on the road
  • Ensures audio signals reach their intended destination in both a balanced f...

£49.00 incl tax

J48 J Class Phantom Powered 48V DI Box

  • Ultra low distortion of all types
  • Exceptional headroom & dynamic range
  • Retains instrument's natural sound
  • Powered by 48V phantom
  • Internal I-beam construction eliminates stress on the ...

£194.47 incl tax

J48 Stereo Phantom Powered 48V Active Direct Box

  • J48 Stereo Phantom Powered Active Direct Box
  • Exceptional headroom & dynamic range
  • Retains the natural sound of the instrument
  • Merge switch sums stereo instruments to mono
  • XLR male out...

£291.71 incl tax

MDB1A Active Direct Box Powered Via 48V Phantom Power

  • Active circuitry offers higher headroom for ultra-low noise and distortion-free performance
  • High-impedance 1/4" input with Thru output
  • Balanced male XLR output connector with Ground Lift
  • Low ...

£69.00 incl tax