02R96VCM 56 Mix Channel Digital Production Console

Manufacturer: Yamaha
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  • Precise 24-bit/96-kHz audio and high-performance head amps
  • 56-input 18-bus mix capacity at 96 kHz
  • Powerful channel functions with flexible control and patching
  • Four advanced multi-effect proc...

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Main Features

  • Precise 24-bit/96-kHz audio and high-performance head amps
  • 56-input 18-bus mix capacity at 96 kHz
  • Powerful channel functions with flexible control and patching
  • Four advanced multi-effect processors include surround effects
  • Versatile connectivity for a wide range of applications
  • Four I/O expansion slots for easy expansion in a variety of formats

Full Description

Yamaha 02R96 VCM 56 Mix Channel Digital Production Console

A lot has changed in the world of digital audio production since the Yamaha 02R sparked the revolution back in 1995. But through it all the 02R became and remained the professional standard. Now, as the industry settles on the 24-bit 96-kHz format for the foreseeable future of professional digital audio, and surround sound proves that it is here to stay, it's time for a change. Meet the new standard: the 02R96. With more than five times the processing power of the original 02R, the 02R96 represents a thorough revision that brings every aspect of the console up to date with today's most advanced production needs. And since the 02R96 inherits key features from Yamaha's flagship DM2000 Digital Production Console - 96-kHz audio, surround monitoring, studio manger software, and DAW control - it makes the most advanced technology for commercial sound and music production available to a broad range of engineers and facilities.


Product Features

  • A Complete Revamp of the Legendary 02R
  • Precise 24-bit/96-kHz Audio and High-performance Head Amps
  • 56-input 18-bus Mix Capacity at 96 kHz
  • Powerful Channel Functions with Flexible Control and Patching
  • Four Advanced Multi-effect Processors Include Surround Effects
  • Versatile Connectivity for a Wide Range of Applications
  • Four I/O Expansion Slot for Easy Expansion in a Variety of Formats
  • Comprehensive Interface with Touch-sensitive 100-mm Motor Faders
  • Scene Memory and Automix Functions for Efficient Workflow
  • Versatile Pairing and Grouping Functions Enhance Mixing Efficiency
  • 02R96 Editor Software Supplied
  • Sophisticated DAW or Digital Recorder Integration
  • An Ideal Platform for Surround Production
  • Enhanced Surround Monitoring Environment Includes Bass Management
  • Version 2 Implements Ideas from the Field(Version2)
  • Seamless Add-on Effects Support(Version2)
  • A Major Studio Manager Evolution(Version2)
  • Versatile V2 features plus a formidable array of plug-in processors(02R96VCM)
  • VCM Technology(02R96VCM)
  • iSSP Technology(02R96VCM)
  • REV-X(02R96VCM)

Technical Specs

Product Specifications


  • Internal processing: 32bit, Accumulator: 58bit
  • Sampling frequency rate: Internal: 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz, 88.2 kHz, 96 kHz - External: 44.1kHz/88.2kHz (-10%) - 48kHz/96kHz (+6%)
  • Signal delay: Less than 2.0ms (@48kHz), Less than 1.1ms (@96kHz)
  • Total harmonic distortion: Less than 0.05% (20Hz-40kHz)
  • Frequency response: 0, +0.5, -1.5dB 20Hz-40kHz
  • Dynamic range: DA: 110dB;  AD+DA: 105dB
  • Hum & noise level: Equivalent input noise: -128dBu - Residual output noise: -92dBu
  • Crosstalk: -80dB
  • Power requirements: AC100V, 120V, 220-240V 50/60 Hz
  • Power consumption: 200W
  • Mixing channels: 56
  • GROUP: 8
  • AUX: 8
  • MAIN: Stereo
  • Input channel functions: Gate, Attenuator, 4-band PEQ, 2x Compressor, Delay, Pan
  • Output channel functions: Attenuator, 4-band PEQ, Compressor, Delay
  • On-board processors: 4x SPX multi effectors
  • Mic inputs: 16
  • Phantom power: +48V DC; ON/OFF per channel
  • Line inputs: 4x Stereo, 2x 2tr in
  • AD converter: 24-bit; 128-time over sampling
  • Line outputs: Stereo output, Studio monitor output, C-R monitor output, 8x Omni output
  • DA converter: 24-bit; 128-time over sampling
  • Digital I/O: 3x 2tr in/out, Cascade I/O
  • Expansion slots: 4x Mini-YGDAI (16-in/16-out)
  • Control and others: To Host(USB/Serial),  Control(GPI), MIDI, Time code in (SMPTE/MTC), Word clock I/O

Physical & Dimensions

  • Height: 239mm
  • Width: 667mm
  • Depth: 697mm
  • Weight: 34kg


02R96V2 User Manual